Grey On Grey

by David V.

Within my body there is a heart
Within my heart there is a pulse
The pulse that beats my soul, my life force
Presenting images of the world around
The colors of the feelings surrounding
And giving voice within my life
Present in the way I speak
The method of my reason
The actions of my body
And the striking emotions that ebb between

The definition of myself
Can be the definition of others
I am a reaction of what others want to see
And a presentation of what I feel they want to hear
Living within the eternal madness
The gray of a world where no black or white exists
The reality of an existence
Which I cannot understand,
But one that I must maintain
In order to function in a world of reason

It’s not “cool” to pat your head
It’s not “in” to rock with your emotions
I must pretend to understand
Even when I cannot
I must exist as the rules dictate
Who made these rules?
I cannot say
Whoever did had no compassion
For a man who sees the world as black and white
And who feels with his heart
Not the logic of his mind
The color of my emotion
For this narrow individual
Is black and non-comprehending
If there was no place set for me
Then why should I set a place
Of value for them?
I cannot understand
So I hurt.

copyright David V.